wicked_jade (wicked_jade) wrote in gillington,

fic: Cheaters Never Prosper

Title: Cheaters Never Prosper (And other lies your mother told you.)
Author: wicked_jade
Summary:  Cheaters never prosper, or so the saying goes.  Clearly whoever coined that saying never met James Norrington.
Characters: Norrington and Gillette
Pairings: Gillington
Rating: NC-17 
Word Count: 3,245
Warnings: The internet is for porn, and so are the Navyboys. Shameless PWP.
Disclaimer: PotC and it's characters, including the Navyboys, do not belong to me. James, Andrew, and Teddy belong to each other. 

Comments are loved and greatly appreciated.

Author's Note:  I found the beginning of this fic on my harddrive last month.  I didn't even remember having written it.  But I've been struggling with writer's block again, so I thought finishing it might be a nice, plotless diversion to get me back on track.  I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, so I blame any and all mistakes on the Vicodin.  This one can be read as a oneshot, or as a continuation on One Perfect Day.  Endless thanks to [info]gixxer_pilot  for encouraging me not to give up on it. :)

Even by your twisted definition, groping a man's bottom while he's underwater and not expecting it is not fair play, James. )

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